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  • Is my financial plan working holistically?
  • Am I taking too much risk in my portfolio?
  • What are the tax consequences of my investments?
  • How do I coordinate my retirement income sources?
Learn how our client’s values matter at Sklar Capital

Plan Local, Support Global

Sklar Capital is the investment team that cares as much about our community we share as the world we live in. We’re an independent local firm, with people that build relationships with our clients because we expect to be connected to them for a lifetime.

We understand more than our clients’ goals, we understand their values.  We have families just like you and we want the best for our families and yours. Profit, growth and fundamentals matter, but it can’t be done at the expense of the greater good. At Sklar Capital, we find the opportunities that align with both your financial and global vision.

Why Sklar Capital

The reasons to come share a cup of coffee with us and learn more are simple. We’re transparent and our responsibility is to our clients, not to a corporate office. We don’t have hidden agendas and are not driven by commissions or hidden costs. We’re here for you. Our conversations will include how to protect your financial well-being but also what else is really important you beyond dollars and cents.

At Sklar Capital, you work with both a fully licensed, highly regarded team that carries over 40 years of financial planning and investment experience. Most importantly, the Sklar Capital team is built on people who know you by name and have a one-on-one relationship with you.

Our Approach

We listen to our clients.  We understand their financial goals and their personal values and don’t compromise on either. Our all-inclusive approach includes investment management and comprehensive financial strategies.

Our clients are going to go through all phases of life. Our goal is to help our clients understand how to have their financial stability balance and support them at every one of life’s peaks and valleys.

We actively manage our clients’ risk. Today’s life moves too fast for buy-and-hold. We take action when we need to so our clients enjoy living and feeling secure.

Sklar Capital, An Investment Firm for Today

Our clients at Sklar Capital are the people we know in our community.  We’re licensed professionals, but we invest in ways far beyond just dollars. We know our clients personally, their families, their vision and their values. We actively manage their financial plan on a one-to-one basis to allow them to feel comfortable today, confident in their future and content with their choices.

Learn more about why independent planning matters

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